Hi there! In this article, we will see about the happy numbers, unhappy numbers and prime numbers and how we can program it using java.

A happy number is a number which eventually reaches 1 when replaced by the sum of the square of each digit. …

Hl7 connector enables WSO2 stream processor to send and receive hl7 message type which is used to pass health related data using HL7 Version 2 API.

This connector uses Single port MLLP (Minimum Low Layer Protocol) Protocol to transfer the messages and has the transport layer security facility. …

What is HAPI Test Panel

HAPI Test Panel is a full featured HL7 message editor, used to send and receive HL7 messages.

Install TestPanel

  • Download hapi-testpanel-2.0.1-linux.tar.bz2 from here
  • Extract the download to your perfect location
  • In Ubuntu, run the testpanel.sh file which is at the Home of the Hapi Test Panel extraction
  • In Windows, run the testpanel…

HL7 is an international standard used to exchange medical records between healthcare systems. It is introduced by Health level 7 international which is an non profit organization.

Health Level Seven refers to the seventh level(Application Layer) of OSI Model(Open System Interconnection). …

Mayuravaani Mathuranathan

BSc Hons (Computer Science)

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